Fabric Rubber Spring


Approx. Rs 5,000 / Piece

Product Brochure: rubber-spring
Product Details:
Usage/Application Industrial
Brand vishwaraj
Color black
Material rubber
Packaging Type box
Country of Origin Made in India
Vibration Isolation An isolator like a coil spring/rubber fabric spring prevents a vibrating source from affecting the surrounding while the vibration continues. The degree of isolation is the amount of extent of reduction in the transmission of vibration energy from the source to the surrounding . Effective isolators have low natural frequency. Damping / Shock Absorption FRS can be used in shock impact applications. The impact is calculated from data of mass of falling body , its height of free fall , velocity etc. The energy released is then absorbed by the spring and a damping effect occurs. Damping is a change in load as the spring is compressed due to shock and returns to its original height. The energy absorbed is converted to heat and is not returned to source. The technical equivalent of damping is called hysteresis of a spring. The vibration isolation springs are generally of lower damping type. Forced / Free Vibration – Disturbing/ Natural Frequency Vibration imposed by a strong external force is forced vibration with a disturbing frequency. When a spring is compressed /pulled and allowed to vibrate freely. It vibrates freely under its own elastic / gravitational forces and that frequency is called Natural Frequency. It is measured in Cycles / Minute – CPM or Cycles / Second – Hertz

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