Ceramic Lagging Sheet


Approx. Rs 14,500 / Square Meter
Product Details:
Application Industry Insulation
Thickness 10 mm
You Supply In Metre
Tensile Strength 13
Material Rubber
Length 0 – 5m
Tile size 6mm x 25mm x 25mm and 6mm x 20mm x 20mm
Working Temperature 150 Degree C


  • Reduces Wear & Tear
  • Reduces Slippage
  • Increases Life Of Bearing Due To
  • Non Slippage In Monsoon
  • Highest Coefficient Of Friction
  • Rubber With 55-60 Hardness
  • Greater Traction Than Rubber
  • No friction between ceramics
  • High quality wear resistant rubber
  • Ceramic Lagging for Pulley is offered for installation by chemical bonding with tiles molded with a durable backing material
  • Specified as natural rubber. For chemical bonding, the lagging is supplied in standard strips holding rows of tiles. Unlike hot vulcanized
  • Lagging it is easy-to-handle. It is also supplied as per size of Pulley to suit easy installation
  • Ceramic-in-rubber pulley lagging continues to excel in applications where additional wear and higher coefficient of friction is required

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